Another site about Alzheimer’s?  Why?

I launched Meaningful Pastimes to inspire and encourage those with loved ones on an Alzheimer’s or dementia journey.  As a facilitator of an Alzheimer’s support group, I often field questions about effective ways to maintain the skills and abilities of those with dementia.  Through this site, I hope to provide you with many meaningful things to do, to love and to hope for!  I also want to share resources for you as a care partner, as well as ways to take care of yourself.

My name is Tish and I’ve been caring for those living with dementia for nearly 13 years.  The Maintenance Director of our long-term care facility once commented, “You need to find a hobby!” after I made a simple, rather work-intensive, request.  I could only reply, “This IS my hobby!”  I am so blessed to have discovered my passion AND to be able to make a living practicing it!

No Journey is the Same…        

One of the very first things I learned was that each person’s journey with Alzheimer’s or another dementia is unique.  People sometimes seem to think that the disease makes everyone the same – that caregivers are dealing with the same issues as everyone else.  They fail to recognize the individuality of the person living with dementia. Though there are similarities, each person begins this journey with a different past, a different temperament and a different lifestyle.

So, while the disease is robbing people of their short-term memory, reasoning, abilities and skills, their individuality remains.  My goal is to meet each person where they are in their journey so that I can strive to provide the best possible quality of life – individualized –  for that person.

Thank you for inviting me on your journey as a care partner for your loved one with Alzheimer’s!  I look forward to hearing from you.  Please share your successes, your problems, your stories and your wisdom!  Together, we can make the journey more bearable and joyful!