Memories of Making Soup!

This reminiscing session would be enhanced by actually making the soup of their choice and giving them options for what to eat with it! Who wouldn’t like a cup of soup on a cold day? It may be nice to bring out their recipes or your own recipes for soup to look at and discuss as well. Remember to try to engage all of their senses as much as possible: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste! And, have fun!

I’m sure some of the questions will lead you off on an tangent. That’s okay! Follow your loved one’s lead!

Soup’s On!

When you were growing up, did your family eat a lot of soup?  Did your mother make her own or did she buy it?  Did you have a favorite soup?

Making Chicken Noodle Soup

Did you ever make chicken noodle soup?  Did you boil the chicken or roast it for the soup?  What did you do with the bones? Did you throw them out or use them for broth? Did you use the whole chicken for the soup or did you make something else with some of the chicken?

What did you add to the broth? Onion? Carrots? Did you chop up the vegetables into very small pieces or do you like big chunks?  How about the noodles?  Do you prefer the thicker ones or the thin stringier noodles? Did you prefer chicken noodle to chicken rice soup?  Did you ever put garlic in your chicken soup? Some people say that chicken soup is good for healing a cold. Do you think that is true?

Tomato Soup?

Did you ever make tomato soup or did you buy it?  When you made it, did you make enough to can to eat later? What did you put into your tomato soup?  Parsley?  Onion?  Some people put flour, butter, and milk into their tomato soup. Did you do that?  Do you like to eat tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches? Do you put crackers in your soup?

Bean Soup…..

Did you ever make bean soup?  Did you make it from scratch?  Did you soak the beans overnight?  Mom says you should rinse beans to take the ‘gas’ out! Do you think that works?  Did you do that?  Did you add potatoes to the soup?  How about onions? What else did you put in bean soup?  What kind of meat?  Did you use beef or ham? Which do you like better with bean soup?

Vegetable Soup – or End of the Garden Soup

Did you ever make vegetable soup?  Did you make enough to can for later? Or did you make it one batch at a time?  What vegetables did you put into the soup? Did you use corn? Beans? What about carrots?  Some people put cabbage in their vegetable soup, do you?  What other veggies have you put into your vegetable soup? Did you ever put those tiny potatoes into it?  Do you like vegetable soup?  A friend used to make ‘end of the garden’ soup.  She would gather whatever was left in the garden and cook it up in the soup.  Did your mom ever do that? Did you? What kind of meat is good in vegetable soup? Chicken? Beef? Pork?

Chili? Mild or spicy?

How about chili?  Do you like to eat it? Do you like it spicy or mild?  Did you like to make it? Do you like to eat it? What did you put into the chili? Did you put ground beef in it? What about beans?  Did you prefer pinto beans or black beans?  Did you put onion in your chili? What about garlic? What about cheese?  Did you ever put shredded cheese on top?

Any other soups?

What other types of soup did you make or enjoy?  Did you ever eat potato soup? Did you like it? What about squash or pumpkin soup? If you never ate it, do you think you would like it?

What to eat with your soup….

What do you like to eat with your soup? Do you like the soup thick or thin? Do you like to put crackers in it? Do you prefer saltines or oyster crackers?  Do you like fresh bread with your soup?  Do you like to eat sandwiches with soup? What do you like on your sandwiches?  Some people like bologna and cheese, do you? Did you ever eat tomato sandwiches?  How about onion sandwiches? 

Please let me know how it went or if you have any questions in the comments below.

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